Automation is a critical part of a modern brewery striving to work effectively and efficiently. It liberates the brewmaster from routine monotonic work, releasing more time and energy for creative pursuits, stabilizes quality throughout batches and provides accountability for owners/ investors.

ZIPMATIC central automation system

This system bands together the components of the entire brewing, fermentation and serving processes into a handy, user-friendly interface through an industrial EtherCAT network. All key elements of the system are connected to a BeckHoff automation tool, which runs on a Apple OSX operating system.

Key features of the ZIPMATIC:

  • Automated addition of water for mashing, control of temperature and amount
  • Automated mashing process, option of infusion or decoction
  • Automated lautering process, particularly with the clarity meter device which constantly tracks the clarity of the mash, automatically adjusting the speed of rotation
  • Automated spent grain removal
  • Automated wort heating and boiling, with notification of time to add hops to hops infusing vessel
  • Automated pumping into whirlpool
  • Automated chilling, control of temperatures and flow speed
  • Automated fermentation process, control of temperature and pressure
  • Automated cleaning of the brewhouse
  • Automated cleaning of all fermentation vessels and serving tanks
  • Automated cleaning of all pipes and plate heat exchanger
  • Beer recipe set up and archiving
  • Various user levels
  • Archiving of all operations data
  • View of the status of all sensors and valves
  • Ability to switch to manual mode at any point. All manual moves are archived
  • Remote control and remote troubleshooting

Metering and controlling elements in the system:

  • Induction sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Flow meters
  • Motor starters
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Pneumatic control valves
  • Water mixing valves
  • Manhole opening sensors
  • Danger sensors and emergency stops

ZIPMATIC control elements:

  • Apple mac mini computer
  • 22” full HD monitor
  • 4-ports industrial LAN router
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Visualization software
  • Complete PLC control program