To control the temperature in the fermentation area we are offering the following options:

  • Temperature sensors, installed in the same number as the number of fermenters, are placed in the main switch cabinet. To reach the desired temperature you simply need to set the necessary temperature values for each cooling zone of the tank. There is a button under every sensor to turn on/off the cone cooling manually.
  • UNI-tanks thermometers are connected to the central computer, which allows for the easy setting and preliminary programming of the fermentation process parameters.
  • ZIP Level


The ZIP-Level device is designed to measure and display the main parameters of beer fermented in UNI-tanks. With the help of the ZIP Level, it’s easy to simple to track the volume and control the temperature in fermenters. To ensure the accuracy of data and to measure the beer level precisely we use pressure transmitters integrated into the tank. The data precision varies between 0,1-1 values. An average accuracy of the device is 0,7%. The built-in thermometer accuracy 0,1°C.

Main features and parameters displayed:

  • Colour touch-screen water resistive display (4,3” display with 480×272 resolution)
  • Actual volume parameters
  • Current pressure in a tank
  • Actual and adjustable temperature values
  • Visualization of the current state of solenoids
  • Extract content values; an average calculation accuracy 1-2°B