We’re happy to share our experience and assist you in choosing the optimal location for your brewery to be built.

Once you have a location selected for your brewery, we’ll have some questions for you in order to get a better understanding of your needs- including what kind of of style you have in mind and what your production needs will be.

In accordance with your business and production needs, as well as your location, we plan a layout for brewing equipment (not only in 2D, but 3D as well!)

The engineers at ZIP design equipment that integrates with your brewery design. Our past designs include everything from modern stainless steel with glass steps to traditional copper with wood. You can choose from one of our existing designs or we will be happy to work with you to design something completely new.

A picture speaks a thousand words (and then some), so our designers create meticulous 3D renders of your brewery. Our partners have found these renders to very effective securing funding and preliminary marketing, not to mention they’re a great final check before we begin manufacturing your brewery.

Once you approve the layout, design and 3D renderings, ZIP provides you with technical plans for site preparation: these include water connection plans, electricity connection plans and canalization plans. Requirements for floor and wall covering, temperature control and water supply are also provided. Our aim is to help you prepare the best home for your future brewing equipment.

This phase gives you time for construction and building preparation as per the plans provided by our team. Prior to installation, we send an engineer to check in on the status of the site and make sure everything is set for the installation of brewing equipment to begin.

The entire manufacturing of your brewpub will take place in our headquarters in Hungary. The manufacturing of a full brewery typically takes approximately three calendar months.

Equipment is typically shipped on trucks for local deliveries in Europe, or in containers for cross continental shipments. Whatever the method of shipment, we are experts in packing your precious equipment for the long trip across treacherous roads and seas. At your request, we will be happy to handle the shipping and logistics of getting the equipment to your brewery.

Once the brewery site is ready, a team of 7-10 specialists (including engineers, welding and fitting specialists, electricians, automation programmers and brewmasters) will arrive to install and commission your brewing equipment. A typical installation is completed in two calendar weeks.

After the equipment is fully installed and piping and connecting work is completed, a water trial brew is conducted. This allows us to make any final tweaks to prior to brewing. Following a successful water trial, one of our brewmasters will stay with you to train in your brewing staff, brew the first batch, and ensure that the brewing staff is fully comfortable with working on the new equipment.

All of our brewing equipment comes with a one year warrantee. Following this period, we are happy to offer you an extended warrantee, which includes yearly maintenance check-ups, telephone and online support and full technical support.

Besides the warrantee and extended warrantee service for the brewing equipment, we are happy to provide your brewery with a range of accessories which designed to simplify and accelerate beer sales and beer sales monitoring.

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