At the start of the brewing process – the Milling and Pre-mashing. When effected properly, these operations guarantee optimum lautering, high-quality worts, beers with good filtration characteristics, stable and good-tasting beers. All in all, it leads to the improved brewhouse efficiency.

The main purpose of Milling is to provide the foundation for the chemical/biological conversions, which occur during the mashing operations, to create a qualitative composition of the wort, and to increase the extract yield.

For the purpose for milling, ZIP offers the 2-cylinder and 4-cylinder malt mills with an option of setting the size of individual malt kernels and adjusting the distance between the cylinders depending on the kind of malt being ground.

For an even better lautering optimization, we suggest the use of the ZIP Grist Hydrator, or Pre-masher, together with the malt mill.

The ZIP Grist Hydrator is designed for mixing the grist with the water of set temperature. Once the grist-water mix reaches the right density and temperature, it gets automatically transferred to the Mash tun. The Grist Hydrator is bundled into one compact system and will be of an added convenience particularly when the Malt Mill and Mash tun are far apart from one another.

Gravity grist Hydrator

The ZIP Gravity grist Hydrator is installed above the Mash tun. The dry grist is transported to the unit with the help of a pipe chain conveyor. Includes hot and cold water mixing valve and water temperature and volume meter, all of which communicate with the central automation system. The Gravitational grist Hydrator is easiest when working with malt stored in a silo, with the added option of adding an automated scale.

The ZIP Grist Hydrator and the Gravity grist Hydrator both featured as closed systems, which ensure minimum oxygen pick up during operation. Besides, they leave the brewery space clean of the milling dust and provide a more ergonomic equipment layout for the brewer’s operation.