Nano Brewery

ZIP Nano Brew system allows both professional brew masters and recreational home brewers to brew small batches of fresh natural beer.

During the development of ZIP Nano Brew our goal was to create a compact system that would allow for the brewing of beer in small quantities (up to 50 liters per brew) from four traditional ingredients water, malt, hops, and brewer’s yeast. Brewing is more convenient and entertaining with ZIP nano Brew. For professional brew masters, ZIP Nano Brew is a useful tool for developing and perfecting new recipes. And thanks to its user-friendly automatization program, the system also makes the joys of being a brew master more accessible to hobby brewers.

User-friendly automatization

The Zip nano Brew system is operated with the guidance of a microcontrol system, which provides onscreen step-by-step guide through the brewing process. As a result, inexperienced brewers will  nd it easy-to-simple to learn how to brew using this program and experienced brewers will be able to develop new recipes and experiment with raw materials.

With Zip nano Brew, the fermentation process is also fully controllable – both the pressure and the temperature of Uni tanks can be controlled. in fact, these settings are set individually, allowing for di erent temperature storage from tank to tank. the fermenters are controlled locally from a dual-display temperature controller. the new control system gives a brew master more choice on the size of the cold area – the number of tanks con- nected is unlimited.

Functional design

Our engineers worked not only to create user-friendly technology, but also on the esthetic appearance of the system. the Nano Brew has a relatively small foot print and is completely mobile. it has been designed to be a perfect addition to your kitchen, office, entertainment room, sauna area, etc.

System details

ZIP Nano Brew system is made of polished stainless steel and is composed of materials and spare parts from top european manufacturers. it is a complete system and includes all the technology which is found in large breweries in a small scale, including: the brewing tanks, piping and pumps, fermentation tanks and cooling equipment, and the additional tools and accessories which are necessary for the preparation of raw materials before brewing.

System specifications

ZIP Nano Brew mobile brewing block:

  • Height – 1496 mm

  • Length – 2040 mm

  • Width – 680 mm

  • Weight – 440 kg

  • Heating – 2×3 kW

  • Electrical connection – 400/230 V 3-phase

  • Material quality – stainless steel wnr. 1.4301

Fermentation (UNI) tanks with fittings:

  • Outside diameter – 650 mm

  • Height – 1500 mm

  • Weight – 110 kg

  • Total volume – 130 l

  • Electrical connection – 230 V

  • Material quality – stainless steel wnr. 1.4301

Cooling equipment:

  • The size and capacity of the cooling unit depends on the number of fermenters to be chilled.