Keg cleaning&filling


• Compact equipment with small foot print
• All accessories are produced of austenitic stainless steel (U304/ 1.4301) and PTFE fiber
• 2 vessels: 50 l tank for the acid, 50 l tank with heating and insulation for the alkali
• Low position of working table for better operation and servicing
• Efficiency assuming 50 l kegs: just cleaning system18 kegs/hour; cleaning and filling – 10 kegs/hour
• Various keg types can be serviced
• Easy to operate (features automatic mode of cleaning and filling)
• Changeable settings of cleaning/filling process
• Separate pumps for cleaning agents ensure their efficient use
• Produced of standard changeable parts, which ensures an uninterrupted system functioning


  1. Operating mode: manual/automatic
  2. Option for an automatic mode: cleaning or cleaning/filling system
  3. Tank capacity for the chemicals: 50 l or 100 l
  4. Tanks with heating and insulation: 1 or 2 tanks
  5. Steaming process: local steam source or an independent steam generator

The equipment corresponds to European standards and safety rules and hygienic requirements of food industry