Hop pellets, fruit, and other flavorings


15 kg


The ZIP HOPTOWER MINI is to be used in the fermentation cellar and can be connected to the fermentation vessels after the primary fermentation or to the BBTs. The purpose of the dry hopping is to enrich the wort with additional taste and aroma compounds, leaving the bitterness units unchanged. The equipment features an enlarged contact area between the raw materials and the hot wort flow.

The inside design of the ZIP HOPTOWER MINI, just as the original HOPTOWER, allows for the beer to be pumped into the vessel and mixed vigorously. Due to the turbulent flow, the extraction rate is maximized at a reduced time. The operation principle of the equipment ensures reduced oxygen uptake, minimizing its damaging effects. The beer flow between the fermentation vessel and the dry hopping equipment is created by use of a pump, by means of the generated overpressure. The equipment is easily cleaned and CIP-ed through built-in multiple cleaning heads; the hop slush is discharged through a designated opening.


Volume: gross 148 liter

Height: 1740 mm

Pressure: max. 2,0 bar

Material: Stainless steel (304)

Outer surface: brushed and polished

Inner surface: polished, the joint are polished in food industrial quality

Insulation: 50 mm


  • 1 glass manhole on the top of the equipment (diam. 450 mm)
  • 2 beer inlet on the side of equipment with manual valve
  • 1 beer outlet at the bottom of the tank with manual valve
  • 3 CIP cleaning heads on the inside of equipment
  • 1 sight glass on the side of equipment
  • 1 pressure regulator
  • 1 membrane manometer
  • 1 CO2 inlet on the top of the equipment
  • 4 foots with wheels