Warm hopping

Raw materials
  • Hops flowers, fruit, and other flavorings
Maximum load capacity
  • 15 kg
General description
The equipment is to be installed before the heat exchanger on the hot wort line. The main purpose of the ZIP HOPMATIC is to enrich the wort with additional taste and aroma compounds, leaving the bitterness units unchanged. The equipment design allows maximizing the contact area between the raw materials and the hot wort flow, thus improving the effectiveness of extraction of aroma compounds. The used leaves are easily removed from the equipment through a specifical outlet and can be cleaned with the operating in the brewery CIP system. As the bitter acid content of the hops remains undissolved, these leaves can be used in the next batch as the bitterness forming hop material.
The ZIP HOPMATIC is recommended for those, who are aiming at producing a beer with typical hoppy aroma and taste, but less pronounced and strong than usual dry hopped beers.
Technical data:
Volume: gross 100 liter
Height: 1620 mm
Operating pressure: hydrostatic
Material: Stainless steel (304)
Outer surface: brushed and polished
Inner surface: polished
Insulation: 50 mm
  • 1 glass manlid on the top of equipment (diam. 250 mm)
  • 1 hot wort inlet at the bottom of the equipment with manual valve
  • 1 hot wort outlet at the top of the equipment with manual valve
  • 2 sight glasses on side of the equipment
  • 3 foot equipped with wheels