Another important objective that can be achieved solely through the process of proper boiling is the extraction of bitterness and aroma compounds from the hops.

The process of hop dosing may proceed in several steps, depending on the brew master’s targeted taste and recipe requirements: early addition for bitter hops, late addition for aroma hops.

With ZIP HOP DOSING equipment, we make sure the hops infusion is precise, safe and effortless.

Hops dosing vessel

The Hops dosing vessel is attached to the Brew kettle. When the system signals the right time for the hops infusion, the set dose of hops automatically and safely makes its way into the wort – no need to open the Brew kettle, no risk of thermal burns.


The craft beer taste characteristics are getting more complicated and compound in every aspect – brewers’ imagination has no limits! At ZIP, we always keep with the world brewing movements and trends, and offering a Multiple compartments hop dosing unit – for brewers ready to experiment with several hop kinds in one batch!

Multiple compartments hop dosing unit

Hop dosing vessels may contain multiple compartments (three to six). With this set-up, the hops, selected for the recipe, will be poured into the Boil kettle at certain time range. The central automation system automatically performs the addition of the hops at the times specified by the recipe selected in the central automation system.