One cannot overestimate the meaning of wort boiling in the brewing process. The most paramount purposes the brew master accomplishes through boiling are:

  • Wort sterilization,
  • Destruction of enzyme activity,
  • Color increase (caramelization),
  • Protection of beer from oxidation,
  • Establishment of hop effects and other.

The ZIP Brew kettle is equipped with two-zone steam jackets for the uniform heating. Both the body of the vessel and the head are heated with the use of a 16 bar pillow plate. The Pre-heating is implemented through the steam jacket on the body of the vessel, while the intensive boiling is complete by the means of the internal boiler. The ZIP Brew kettle is equipped with a special pump, which can withstand high temperatures over a long period of time, circulating the wort and conducting the CIP cleaning of the vessel.

The ZIP Brew Kettle features:

  • Glass manlid
  • Fully insulated all around with 100 mm mineral wool
  • Level sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Drive
  • Foam detector
  • Interior lighting
  • Dual cleaning head
  • Upper engine gear decorative covering