Druck Tank

Druck tank

Also known as serving tanks, these are cylindrical vessels with an arched head and bottom are designed for the storage of ready beer under pressure until it is ready to be served at the bar in a draft beer line or to be packaged in bottles or filled in kegs.

Vessel body

  • The arched head and bottom are made according to the DIN28011 standard allowing material to be thinned while maintaining its original pressure load resistance
  • Service manholes with thermal insulated cover ensure that whichever manhole placement is chosen, it is perfectly imbedded into the body of the vessel, leaving no blind spots for jets of cleaning agents
  • All vessels are made of austenitic stainless steel (U304/ 1.4301)
  • The interior surface area of the vessel is etched and passivated with an average roughness of at least 1,0 µm


  • Each tank is equipped with 1,2 or 3 cooling jackets
  • Cooling jackets are made with “pillow” advanced
    technology by means of plasma spot welding, which provides high pressure resistance of the jacket with less material

Coating and thermal insulation

  • For more efficient energy saving all vessels have 100 mm layer of polyurethane foam thermal insulation. As a result the coefficient of heat loss =24 mW/K
  • Vessels are produced with stainless steel pressure casing created by automatic welding


  • All pipes, branch pipes and other accessories are produced according to standards DIN 11850-11852
  • All the accessories are made of the austenitic stainless steel (U304/ 1.4301)
  • Each tank is equipped with: pressure- and vacuum-relief valves, quality rabbet apparatus and a stainless steel manometer
  • Technological pipelines are produced using solid-drawn technology, which leaves no blind areas for cleaning solution
  • Each tank is equipped with CIP washing head of the appropriate size and type
  • Tanks are equipped with a number of thermal meters, which help to measure the beer temperature inside the tank

Customization options

  1. Vessel size can be customized (volume, diameter, height), to accommodate unique brewery sites
  2. Operating pressure 3 bars
  3. Placement of service manholes: top or side
  4. Thermal insulating material: polyurethane foam, glass wool (fiberglass)
  5. Thermal insulation of vessel body: conical portion + cylindrical body or cone + cylindrical body + head
  6. Exterior surface finish: 2B etched, lightly polished with varying degrees of different roughness possible, polished or scale treated
  7. Number of thermal meters (1, 2, 3)
  8. Type of manometer: membrane, standard
  9. Level measuring: without level measuring, auxiliary column
  10. Type of CIP washing head: static, rotating

Bag-in-box Druck tank

This horizontal cylindrical vessel provides for the storage of beer in sterile disposable plastic bags (inliners) – controlling both the pressure and temperature in the vessel, all while protecting the beer from oxidization until it is ready to be served, bottled, or filled into kegs.

Advantages of using inliners

  • saves time and reduces cleaning agents quantity
  • saves beer from unnecessary CO2 saturation
  • the beer is pressed out from the bags by compressed air, thus there are no additional charges for extra CO2
  • the whole construction can be easily dismounted and replenished in case of expansion of production
  • 250 l mobile version is particularly advantageous for direct beer sales for outdoor events
  • optional size: 250 l, 500 l, 1000 l