ZIP Chilling system

Chilling is one of the most important support functions in a brewery. The main assignment of the chilling system is to rapidly cool the wort from approx. 95°C to approx. 10°C after the brewing process, as well as maintain proper temperatures during the fermentation and the storage processes.

Our compact, integrated Chilling system contains all the necessary elements to provide stable cooling throughout the brewing processes, minimizes energy costs and microbiological concerns.

The glycol is used to chill both the fermentation and serving tanks, while the ice water – to chill the wort rapidly after brewing as a part of the plate heat exchanger. All operational data on the Chilling system is collected and saved in the central automation system.

Features of the Chilling system:

  • On-line service control by ZIP specialists (with Internet connection)
  • Stainless steel frame
  • 2 pcs. Semi hermetic compressors
  • Circulation pump for ice water tank
  • 3 pcs. Circulation pumps for glycol tank
  • Custom-sized to accommodate each individual brewing system

Chilling piping

A network of insulated copper piping is soldered to fit the individual brewery site during installation to oversee the cooling of the fermentation and serving tanks.