A different kind of restaurant that is on pace with today’s trends in gastronomy, a brewpub features brewing equipment on display for guests. Beer is freshly brewed, fermented served and consumed on premise.

With 25 years of experience working in the breweries spaces, we aim to combine form and function with design, innovative technology, high automation, and quality spare parts, delivering the fairest quality-price ratio products.

In order to serve a diverse range of partners, we offer different levels of brewing equipment:

from semi-automatic ZIP Classic to fully automatic ZIP Premium breweries

Differing from one another in accessorization, level of automation and design, all of our equipment is manufactured at ZIP’s factory solely from the finest European materials and spare parts. Regardless of the type, the quality is always a constant.


ZIP PREMIUM offers a very efficient system with full automatic control of the brewing process and automatic archiving of all technological processes and data.

The perks of the ZIP PREMIUM system include:

• Pre-masher with pumps and mixing valves, aids in optimal malt-water mixing for wet malt milling

• Mash tun/ Brewkettle and Lauter tun feature a polished and insulated cover

• Brewing automation with a touch screen monitor, a computer, and complete pneumatic valve control

• Decorative thermometer on the Mash tun/ Brewkettle and the Lauter tun

• Hot liquor tank and the whirlpool feature polished covers

• Oil-free air compressor, air filter, air dryer for wort ventilation

• Yeast storage vessel for efficient use of yeast

• Fermentation tanks include a membrane manometer for better cleaning and longer life

• Dual line stainless steel fixed piping in the fermentation area to ensure a higher level of sanitation

• Mobile pump for yeast storage tank cleaning

• CO2 saturator

• Automatic keg cleaning and filling equipment with a separate steam generator

• Monitoring of beer input-output to fermentation tanks with automatic data archiving

• Horizontal Druck tanks (Storage tanks) with inliners for storage of ready beer prevent the unnecessary intake of CO2 in beer

• Chilling piping to fermentation tanks features decorative insulation

• Tool kit and spare part kit to perform minor maintenance

• Automation system allows for remote access and assistance at anytime

Optional in ZIP PREMIUM systems:

• Unique brewhouse design: various designs available to choose from, including polished copper, modern stainless steel with decorative stripes or stainless steel copper mix. Brewhouses can also be custom designed to tailor to your individual needs.

• 3-vessels mobile automatic CIP, with conductibility meter for connecting to the fermentation tank piping to wash tanks in an automatic mode

• Bar tapping system: beer flows directly from the serving tanks to the bar, with completely automatic system tracking and archiving all data

The operation of this equipment requires basic computer and brewing knowledge. System automation makes the work of the brewmaster much simpler and frees more time for recipe development and brewery operation improvement. All brewing processes and flow data is archived electronically.

ZIP PREMIUM systems are available in 250 liters/brew, 500 liters/brew and 1000 liters/ brew.